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A Single Platform for All Your Data & Process Management Needs

Data & Process Management ARE Complicated, OneSoftware IS Not

OneSoftware was created for business managers who crave data at their fingertips, but love keeping things simple.

OneSoftware is an industry-agnostic platform that makes data and process management less complicated. Built on a foundation of user-friendly flexibility, OneSoftware is a single software that runs your business’s essential functions while maintaining utmost GxP compliance.

Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of separate business management software and embrace a singular data-rich environment that was designed to adapt and grow along with your business. The goal of OneSoftware powered by FlexSchema is simple: We allow you to run your business 100% electronically and compliant as a pure and elegant reflection of your current diverse processes.

Our Services Are Tailored to Your Needs

  • 100% Secure GxP Compliant Platform
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Configurable Customer Portal
  • Quality Management System
  • Project Management & Data Collection
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management

Cloud-Based & Secure

  • Angular / .Net application running on Azure Cloud
  • Single Sign On capable using LDAPS or SAML
  • Application based Sign On, if needed
  • MFA via time-based one time passwords
  • Industry standard encryption

Easy-to-Use Customer Relationship Management

OneSoftware provides you with CRM capabilities that rival those of other big name software. Keep track of lead and customer data, company-to-company relationships, and company information through our user-friendly digital structure.

Configurable Customer Portal

Allow your customers to benefit from OneSoftware’s flexible database by providing them with their own customer portal. The customer portal is customizable and lets you easily control what data your customers can view and what processes your customers can directly participate in. Allow your customers to access project data, view lead times, request quotes, and more.

GxP Compliant Quality System Management

Our 100% GxP compliant quality system management platform lets you:

  • Use traditional document control while also providing you with exclusive access to OneSoftware’s Virtual Document SystemTM, a tool that leverages OneSoftware’s data-rich environment to generate your business documents.
  • Manage training by incorporating controlled application use depending on the user’s training requirements and the user’s training status.
  • Track equipment with the added benefit of controlled use depending on equipment status.
  • Stay compliant and keep your mind at ease with nonconformance tracking.
  • Track both internal and external audits.
  • Manage your business’s corrective action and preventive action system.
  • Stay on top of customer complaints.

Customizable Data Collection & Project Management

Enjoy OneSoftware’s hassle-free data collection and project management features including:

  • A fully customizable data collection package that allows for standard data entry as well as highly custom data entry.
  • Exclusive access to OneSoftware’s TeamMode, a GxP compliant data entry system that allows your teams to work together to enter fully compliant data.
  • The ability to create automated workflows that are easily integrated with customer relationship management (CRM), quality management system (QMS), human resources management system (HRMS), and finance management processes.
  • Accurate project timekeeping.
  • Custom labels and printouts that incorporate application data.
  • Support for barcode and RFID use.
  • Control users’ data entry through our integrated training function and through the user’s training status.

Simplified Human Resource Management

OneSoftware’s human resource management platform keeps employee data management simple. Keep track of current and past employee data, maintain your business’s organizational charts, and track employee timekeeping. A full benefits and payroll package will be available in 2024.

CRM Integrated Financial Management

Take charge of your business’s finances with our financial management system that seamlessly works with all other features of the application.  Rest assured that company purchases and inventory are under your control, with all the data at your fingertips, including use of barcodes and RFID. Our comprehensive financial management package will be available in 2024 and will elevate your financial processes to new heights.