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Software That Helps You Run Your Business, Your Way

The Three Attributes of Good Service

Fast, Fair Pricing, and High Quality.

We know that running a business is not simple. Our roots lie in the medical device testing industry, where we “lived with” the absence of an integrated data and process management software that could provide all essential business functionalities while maintaining unwavering GxP compliance. The motivation to build OneSoftware originated from our impassioned commitment to help provide our customers with all three attributes of good service: fast, fair pricing, and high quality. We believe that making a customer “pick two” is never good business!

FlexSchema Empowers Businesses With Flexible OneSoftware

At FlexSchema, our mission is to empower businesses, big and small! We built OneSoftware on the foundation of not only being a singular data-rich environment that provides the ability to create automated, cascading workflows, but also a platform to give YOU the flexibility needed to create a cloud-based, GxP compliant, pure and elegant reflection of your current business practices, no matter how diverse.

We set out to defy conventional software limitations and developed all-encompassing software that can easily adapt to your ever-changing business needs. From uncomplicated customer service management to configurable customer portals, rely on OneSoftware to be your data and process management software solution.

OneSoftware for All Your Business Processes

OUR company name is FlexSchema Software. A company with an understanding that YOUR company does NOT fit in a box, and that providing YOU with a user-friendly, flexible data architecture is the foundation of great data & process management software.

OUR product name is OneSoftware. A product built with a foundation of being a singular data rich digital environment to run YOUR entire business.

OneSoftware powered by FlexSchema says it all, and we look forward to helping YOU run YOUR business purely, elegantly, and 100% GxP compliant!